Uruguay, Ecuador and Malta boast best climates in the world

 Their temperate weather throughout the year, moderate rainfall and little risk of natural disaster saw them rise to the top of the Climate category, one of eight categories in the Index, which det

21 reasons for Uruguay, or 8 why it’s not all that?

A follower of our Uruguay Expat Life page on Facebook asked me to comment on this Global Post article 8 reasons Uruguay’s not all that; as a counterpoint to the Buzzfeed 21 reasons to move to Urugu

Uncertainties abound in Fukushima decommissioning

TOKYO (AP) -- It's costly, risky and dependent on technologies that have yet to be fully developed.

Uruguay sends bill to parliament banning ownership of land by foreign companies or governments

The country's presidency, which announced the proposal, argued that land is a scarce and nonrenewable resource in Uruguay as it highlighted the economic importance of the agricultural sector.

Fastest Internet In South America

Uruguay is the Latin American country where residents have access to the fastest and cheapest Internet service in Latin America, according to a new global study on Internet connection speeds, rates

After twenty years of negotiations US opens its market to Uruguayan citrus

After almost twenty years of negotiations United States confirmed the opening of its market to citrus from Uruguay, which will become effective next 9 August when certain coordination and logistics

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