Uruguay Part I: Small Country Makes Big, Flavorful Wines

I have been a fan of the small South American country of Uruguay, located on the Atlantic coast below Brazil and east of Argentina, ever since I spent many weeks there in the mid-80s.

A senior's sense of adventure will lead him to Uruguay

By CODY WILSON Staff Reporter

Even after the crazy adventure of being lost at a bus station in Viña del Mar, Chile, one senior hopes to travel back to South America after graduation.

Planning your trip to Uruguay


The Best Things in Life Are Still Free in Montevideo, Uruguay

Somehow, in my adult life, I developed the belief that I needed money to have a good time. However, living in Montevideo reminds me that’s just not so.

Air France returns to Uruguay as of next April with five flights a week

Uruguay seems to be recovering its air connectivity after a rough year that saw the closing down of its flag air carrier Pluna, and the announcement by Spanish airline Iberia that it will cease fli

Christmas in Uruguay

First of all, there is no such a thing as white Christmas in Uruguay, for two reasons.


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